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Besides going to for answers to your most pressing questions about menopause therapies and symptoms, there are other places and information to be gleaned on the Internet. In today’s Information Age, there is very little that you can’t find online and that includes the resources necessary to get through this time in your life  … Read more

Why You Need Menopause Relief

Unless you have already been through the change of life, as it’s called in polite circles, you may be unaware of why someone would even need menopause relief. The truth is that while perimenopause and menopause are normal events in every woman’s life there are often unpleasant side effects due to the reduction of hormones  … Read more

Benefits of Menopause Remedies

There is no reason to feel like hormone replacement therapy is the only option open to you. Long before the FDA approved it, generations of women in various cultures used their own effective menopause remedies. In our modern, medicalized world, we often forget that millions of people before us dealt with the same conditions and  … Read more

Menopause Treatment Decisions

Deciding on the right menopause treatment for you takes time, patience, and closely examining what you want out of the treatment and your personal beliefs. No one, not even your doctor or spouse can tell you want is right for your body. Doctors can tell you what has worked before and what they recommend, but  … Read more

Advantages of Herbal Menopause Treatments

Some of the latest studies done on the effects of long term hormone replacement therapy have sent thousands of women on the search for herbal menopause symptoms relief. It’s true that experts claim the results of those studies are inconclusive, but that hasn’t stopped droves of women from looking for alternative methods to control the  … Read more

After Your Menopause Signs Start

At the first menopause there are some things you should make sure you do to ensure your health and well being. While it is true that menopause is a natural, normal progression in life and shouldn’t be feared, it also comes along with side effects and symptoms that can make life feel unbearable for awhile.  … Read more

Common Perimenopause Symptoms

It isn’t uncommon to hear a joke among women that the first sign of flush or unaccountable rush of heat is one of the perimenopause symptoms. Even very young women will make this little joke about sudden menopause onset. It is fortunate women have such a good attitude about this perimenopause symptom because changes are  … Read more

Choosing Natural Menopause

With the growing concern about hormone replacement therapy and its long term effects, many women are choosing to have a natural menopause experience. It isn’t like you can avoid, it will happen anyway. Menopause treatments that are based in natural, healthy ingredients often have fewer side effects and work more effectively than any lab created  … Read more

The Causes of Early Menopause

The term early menopause can mean several different things, but for our purpose here, let’s discuss the occurrence of menopause that occurs early in a woman’s life. Depending on how the woman feels about her fertility, it can be seen as the best thing to ever happen or feel like the end of the world  … Read more

Finding Help for Menopause

Many women, either before menopause begins or while they are in the middle of the life change, wonder how to find help for menopause symptoms. As far as the medical community goes, some doctors are more compassionate than others and patients will learn that treatment ideas vary widely between these highly trained professionals. That doesn’t  … Read more