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Reasons for Premature Menopause

Premature menopause is the gradual decline of reproductive hormones in a woman’s body before the age of 40. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event, the symptoms of pre menopause may come about gradually or with all of the intensity of a typhoon wave. There is a high likelihood that the woman’s doctor will give  … Read more

Providing Menopause Support

One of the most crucial things a woman needs during menopause is menopause support. That doesn’t just mean medical care, though that is important as well, it means having the support necessary to handle the huge changes taking place and to feel normal as much of the time as possible. Many of the menopause side  … Read more

The Symptoms of Perimenopause

As a woman begins to approach the time in her life when the symptoms of perimenopause are likely to occur, it is beneficial to her to learn all she can about the changes her body is about to undergo. This time in her life can be upsetting and physically demanding. It makes sense to be  … Read more

Menopause Health Tips

Far too much information available to women about menopause health focuses on hormone replacement therapy and traditional methods of treating this naturally occurring change in life. While there is nothing wrong with going the conventional route, the problem is that very few doctors give their patients enough information about the various ways women in menopause  … Read more

Choosing a Menopause Therapy

So you have reached a point in your life where you either are approaching menopause or want to learn all you can before that event occurs. That’s a smart step. Between understanding menopause therapy options and the changes that will take place in your body, it’s helps to be prepared early. A woman in menopause  … Read more

The Popularity of Menopause Supplement

Gone are the days when women were expected to suffer in silence with the unpleasant and disturbing symptoms of menopause. Thanks in equal parts to the women’s movement, medical forethought, and learning about this natural, normal hormone change, women have more options than ever in caring for themselves during this crucial time. One of the  … Read more

Premenopause Complications

Throughout a woman’s life it seems as if her body is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to make her crazy. Things go along just fine until puberty hits. Then she has mood swings, irregular periods, and painful PMS has her body adjusts to the changes. After which comes pregnancy. At this stage hormones  … Read more

Advantages of Progesterone Natural Cream

For over 20 years now, hormone replacement therapy has been the gold standard doctors have used to help women in the various stages of menopause feel better and control their symptoms. However in recent history, this form of menopause treatment has come under fire for the potential of raising a woman’s risk of breast and  … Read more

Menopause Hot Flashes and Treatments

If there is one symptom of menopause that every woman dreads experiencing it is the menopause hot flashes. No one, not even the most in touch experts are completely sure of how the changes of menopause work together to produce such an unpleasant side effect. Hot flashes typically manifest as a feeling of heat through  … Read more

The Basics of Peri Menopause

Many people think that menopause is the time when a woman’s periods begin to decrease and her production of reproductive hormones slow. Menopause is actually the time from the last period counting forward twelve months. Perimenopause is actually the name for the 2 to 6 years it takes for the body to stop producing as  … Read more